The Kutztown Christian Fellowship (KCF) is a student club at Kutztown University where students spend time investigating Jesus and the Bible while building community. I create most of the designs for the club Instagram and the slideshow at weekly meetings. All the designs seen here are from the first 7 weeks of the Spring 2022 semester.

Weekly Bible Studies 
These designs (shown directly above and below) communicate the dates and times of the KCF Bible studies held weekly.
Shown in multiple sizes (Instagram posts and presentation slides)
Real Talk
KCF held an event to discuss the big question: Is it Bad to Doubt God? Students from all spiritual backgrounds were encouraged to ask questions and to think about God and their doubts. I created a type lockup to highlight the main question and used a single color and photo draw attention to the graphic
Shown in multiple sizes (Instagram post, story, and presentation slides)

Testimony Quotes
Each week at KCF meetings, a student shares their testimony, which is the story of how Jesus has changed their life. I take portrait photos of each person to each for an Instagram post. We also ask the student to share a quote from their testimony as a preview to their story. I used these photos and quotes to create a series of Instagram stories showcasing snippets about how Jesus has changed these student's lives.
Spring Break Trip: Walking Worthy
Each year, KCF spend part of spring break serving a YoungLife camp in New York. The days are spent cleaning and doing yard work, while the evenings are spent learning more about Jesus. This year, we are studying Ephesians in a series called Walking Worthy. I created the type lockup and design. In addition to a handout cover, Instagram story, and a presentation slide, I also created type lockups for each worship song we will be singing. 
Shown below are all of the designs I have created throughout this semester for KCF. Many are posted on the @kutztownchristianfellowship Instagram and others are used in the rolling slideshow each week at KCF. 
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