Relentless Grace
Conference Graphic
Dive into learning about God’s grace with this graphic for DiscipleMakers’ Fall Conference 2021. Using a giant watercolor wave as the part of the design, college students are invited to learn about the story of Jonah. The repetition of the word “grace” throughout the design exemplifies just how relentless God’s grace can be. Depth and dimension are created through layers of paint, marker, and found photography. A podium insert and a massive photo backdrop along with stickers, bracelets, and booklets for each attendee, shows how this design is deep with versatility. 
CONFERENCE Graphic Applications
I worked with another media intern to brainstorm ideas and solidify a concept for the conference visuals. I mainly worked on creating the conference graphic while he worked on the trailer. However, he made sure that the graphic I was creating matched the style of the video, while I helped him perfect the typography throughout the video. 

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